To market, to market

A stylish and increasingly popular craft and maker's market in Hobart, is 'the market', opposite gorgeous St David's Park, inside the masonic hall...the space is transformed into a warm, vibrant & buzzing atmosphere. You could even find inspiration to dress up your garden; one of the stall holders was Karen Wagner Garden Design. I also just loved the brooches by Little Twig. I was fortunate enough to have had a stall at a couple of months ago.

I will be there again on the 2nd of August with my ever popular bib and washie sets. I love making these, and they make a great baby gifts, & my eco friendly decorative bunting for children's rooms and parties, (let's face it, not many party decorations are reusable!) I will also be launching a new range of natural baby gift sets, and gorgeous Merino woollen baby blankets.


  1. Your stall looks lovely. I like the idea of a market indoors. Haven't actually done a market yet, but our local one in Montrose is outdoor. How many items do you prepare for the day, roughly?

  2. Hi Little Eve.
    Thanks so much for your kind words..I make as many of everything as I physically can! (can be exhausting though!), I never seem to have enough! but as a rule I like to have at least 6 of each item. Last time I went with 15 bib and washie sets, and sold 11, plus lots of bibs sold, but I had a good variety. Still it's better to have quality over quantity any day. You can never really predict what will be a good seller on the day, sometimes the things I expect to sell just don't, and other things surprise me.

  3. Thanks Liusa and good luck with your preparation for the next market - sew, sew, sew! (in between shopping, cleaning and feeding the children!:)


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