Just shooting the breeze...

I know some of you have been wanting more coffee cosies...sorry about the delay folks, but it has been school holidays! Not much has been happening in the sewing department!...BUT I have managed to make another four of these cosies, and will load them on Etsy shortly...I 'plan' to list more this week...I like making them, because I get to use up some of my fabric stash, along with scrummy new ones, and I like choosing the different fabrics for each side (they are reversible!).
I don't know why I persist taking photos outside! It was definitely more than breezy when I took this photo...I couldn't resist though...the new growth on the apple tree made perfect hooks to hang them from! So here are four cosie friends just hanging out and 'shooting the breeze'!

Coffee Cosie 'Flower'

If there is one here you see that you just have to have, let me know, I'll set up a custom listing for you, and it shall be yours!


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