my simple weekend aspirations...

...I'm going to relish a read that I bought yesterday for my 'one per month'  magazine allowance - So for October it's going to be Country Style. Pure escapism, and always puts me into an instant relaxed state.

And start a read of an English lass' (er..grammer?) girl's foray into farming. To lunch on Sunday with  friends, and hope to get a walk or two in, some time at a park for the kids, and oh..some sewing...when the other stuff is done though.
 and some wine and cheese and chocolate.
Hope you can enjoy the weekend everyone!


  1. Thats sounds like a wonderful weekend. Actually mine is shaping up to be pretty smashing as well!

    Thanks for the tween advice - I thought parenting 2 year olds was hard LOL!

  2. When you are done reading you can come and run my little farm Lu .. its all yours!!!

    p.s. i have a big pile of magazines i no longer want if you would like them?

  3. Jodie, I am glad we might have some sunny days to enjoy...and I do hope that you and your daughter can reach some 'middle' ground...yep I'm parenting a 2 yo right now, and boy oh boy is her 'will' becoming increasingly strong...she has just learnt the 'power' of the word "NO"!
    Berrylicious Buttons...i love your wee farm, but couldn't run it as good as you!
    mags..mmmm...yes well that certainly does fit in with my 'thrifty' year, however i am desperately also trying to de-clutter...??!!


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