Over the MOOn! Friday

My 'mini moo' cards arrived today!
After being inspired by Cathy from Little Eve's enthusiasm for these little treasures, I decided to be 'brave' and order some to use as product tags.  I'm happy with the results, and hope they will give my product a 'professional' touch.....
.....and hubbie comes home from a week away in Sydney,
so a good end to a busy week!
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. They look fab!
    I got 2 boxes too but now they have my old shop address printed on them. Ack - so spent last night sticking my new url on the top. Not quite as professional!

  2. Oh wow - they look fantastic. What a great idea to mix them up. I must say, we also love the MOO.

  3. They look great Lu. Hope you have a terrific weekend as well 8-)

  4. Hi Luisa, They're dazzling! I love your photo selection - unmistakably 'Dance in My Garden', and that's what's so great about these cards. Thanks for the mention! Enjoy your weekend.


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