Peppermint mag anyone?

The 4th edition of  'Australia's 1st eco-fashion magazine' is out Nov 2nd....
I'm going to use my '1 mag per month allowance' and buy it, I just need to find out what all the fuss is about....sure hope it's worth it! I need to buy an extra copy to shoot off to Canada to Jen from Sewn Natural, as one of her dresses will be featured, how exciting.  You can get copies of it from, heck knows where I would get one in Hobart?!
BIG FOOT note; thanks to Little Snoring, and the yellow pages, I can now rest assured that Hobart is certainly not the backwater that it was, and that can buy copies from good newsagents here. 


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  2. Try the Salamanca Newsagency... I think I have seen one there...


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