feeling a little sheepish

I feel a little silly, I have just deleted a post that I received kind comments for.  I don't feel silly for deleting the post, but for the mis-understanding about the question posed.  I was trying to get feedback for a new blogging template I was fooling around with, whimsically posting it with a picture of bunting.  It seems I didn't explain myself very well dear readers, for alas I received lovely comments about the bunting.   It was quite nice to receive them, thank you for that.  Sarah from Red Gingham, you are indeed right, my brain is perhaps a tad over-loaded.  Or maybe it's because I have stopped sewing.  Completely.  I stopped cold turkey about 5 days ago, and I feel a bit like a reformed smoker who needs to do something else to fill the void.   I've even started colour coding my fabric,

 like my seven year old does with his lego, when he's been told for the upteenth time.
 (actually he just gets told to put it away, but the poor darling has his mamma's 'spread-it-out-so-i-can-see-the-bits-better' crafting habit) 
 I'm quite enjoying the gentle folding and neat piles I'm creating.  I have decided to change the way I store  display my fabric, I have 3 wooden crates that I am going to use, I just need to thrift about 3 more.


   Perhaps I'm suffering from marketitis.  Maybe all I need now is a cool Bellini.    


technically this picture is wrong, Bellini's have white peaches, but I'm not that fussy.


  1. Sheepish is pretty much a permanent state for some if us! I should think that all of us have blogged whilst brainless a few times. Being somewhat unclear is nothing to what some of us have done...

    I do like the ways you're finding to fill your time, I have to say.

  2. Well you shouldn't have put up such a nice photo. You have to expect some niceness to follow such a creation.

    And please, go grab a seat and just relax for five minutes before you blow honey. It's OK to do nothing if you have the time. Actually it's OK if you don't have the time as well, just be more dramatic about it.

  3. Is that your room? because I love the colour. Amen to the Bellini, though I don't know what it is exactly, I know it would sure taste good!

  4. Hello Luisa, the bunting is beautiful... I am so lo-tech it's amazing I don't accidentally delete things all the time, don't worry at all. Only my fourth day of the challenge, so I'm very much looking forward to your thrifty posts... ps Your market stall looked gorgeous...

  5. Great to have you in the Pause for Advent! I really enjoy the way you look at life so I lood foward to your Advent posts.

  6. gosh no Little Eve, that is not my room! It's probably a tad fussy for my taste, though I like the concept.
    thanks for your lovely feedback folks!


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