Post Christmas Salutations

I hope you have had a chance to chill out over Christmas, we have been away re-connecting with family, but now we are home, it's good to catch up on some cleaning the floor of mr d's room, (heavens above, now mama can vacuum!) popping the fabric roof over the gazebo, and thinking and planning for 2010.  I've even started mr d scrapbooking - we are keeping it very simple though, he's writing about his days events over the summer school holidays, we plan to continue this every year, so hopefully he can look back and smile.  

A new farm gate find at Somercotes, Ross, Tasmania.


  1. Hi Luisa, Glad you had a lovely time with family. I love seeing all those hands together, across the generations. Great photo. Cathy x

  2. Welcome back, Luisa and warmest New Year wishes for you and your family ...


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