my 'mag swap' mag has arrived!

Delighted I was, when my mag swap partner, Sharon from Clover Cottage sent me this!
The British version of Country Living!

What I loved about this swap organised by Floss, was it's simplicity.  You only needed to send a magazine, as it was a 'no frills' swap.
I love, love, LOVE Country Living - it's the sort of mag you store away after a good read, and bring out again to enjoy.  Pure escapism! 
I especially appreciate this, as I am not supposed to be buying any new mags for a whole year, and I'm really only half way through...boy I can tell you, this part of my challenge has been tough, I'm a bit of a mag freak!
I love the lovely card Sharon has send as well, with it's Spring theme to match the mag!  Sharon, I don't know how you guessed, but this is perfect!  Thank You!
This sort of thing, is what I just love about blogland, it's not the magazaine or thing per se, but making friends and new connections.  Sharon's blog is called the Crafty Trunder, and if you head over there, you will see just how busy she has been!

Hope your Sunday is sunny and if it can't be sunny, then I hope it's still warm!


  1. I swapped with Sharon for my first ever swap and she's great! I also really agree with you that CL is one of those 'put away and read again' magazines - my mum gave me a subscription for my birthday this year and it's really keeping me going...

    Have a lovely read!

  2. Yep a good mag alright. Lovely little card to go with it too. And yes it's sunny over here again thank you. I do love the sun. Enjoy your read!

  3. I'm so pleased you got the swap safely, and you are enjoying it!! I was surprised that it didn't take too long to get to you!
    As you've probably noticed, the card is from 'The Edwardian Diary of a Country Lady'. That's certainly a lovely book to see, if you haven't already. Edith Holden's paintings were gorgeous!!

    Sharon xx

  4. Twas neither sunny nor warm, but enjoyable in spite of that! I love the British Country Living, but no extra $$$ to spend on magazines. What a blessing to get one free!

  5. I'd be thrilled with that one too - Love the British version and have cut back on my massive magazine purchases this last year. Plus, most of my favourites have folded! sigh.

  6. No new mags for a year! I just don't think I could cope......

  7. I have been reading that magazine for so many years,(tho since starting the Challenge, in the Newsagent's!) it is wonderful - enjoy every page, Luisa.


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