our $10 fairy garden

{Dance in my garden wee faeries}
What we did on the weekend....

{1} gift voucher for plants from a very kind friend 
{2} terracotta pot hiding behind the shed
{3}$10 bag of potting mix

= our new garden especially for fairies...

We used Australian native plants, and these species were picked for their fairy attracting virtues:

1 ~ the blue creeper is {Isotoma Fluviatilis} and is going to drape over the side of the pot, just in case the fairies need a leg up, and has masses of tiny blue flowers (fairies love blue).

2 ~ the wispy one with white flower wings and bracts is {Spyridium vexilliferum}, and is perfect for fairies to hide in.

3 ~ dark green tussock is {Diplarrena moraea}, and it's white flowers in Spring will attract butterflies.

Our numero uno decided the fairies also needed a castle, and fashioned one from one of the pots, the drainage holes at the top resemble a turret.
We found an oyster shell, which is going to be perfect for fairy bathing, and see the tiny orange stone seat? 

Pretty thrifty, and we had such fun.


  1. SO very sweet...especially the last photo! What little girl wouldn't love this? (or big girl, for that matter!)

  2. Such a nice idea! We made a dinosaur garden with cacti once, but I love the idea of the native plants. Roll on summer!

  3. Fabulous idea! I can just imagine your daughter running out to check for fairies or fairy activity! Maybe they need some shiny stepping stones ..oh, i wish Sarah was little again! xx

  4. oh some shiny stepping stones..of course! thanks Cathy. Must find some...I'm sure there are going to be lots of little additions as go along...that is half the fun!


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