10 things I like about where I live.

To tip the balance, from my last post, and to be truly grateful for what I have, here are 10 things that I do like about where I live: - Actually I managed 12 in total, and it wasn't as hard as I thought.

It's close to school.

The kitchen has masses of storage.

The backyard is completely flat, which is great for the trampoline, kid's playing, and the hammock.

The windows in the bedrooms, and main living room are all north facing, lovely in the winter.

It has a pergola out the back, which has been great for entertaining, and extending the living in all seasons.

It's a small house, it's a cinch to clean.

It's close to a huge recreational area, close to an estuary, and kids playground, and walking tracks.

The lounge room is big enough to accommodate a craft / sewing wall for me.  (if only I could just keep it there!)

People I love live here. (my hubbie kindly just pointed out this should be numero uno on the list). Indeed.

Even though it's small, the lounge room is separate from the kitchen area.

Friends sometimes drop in.

Fair share of local op shop finds.

Home, sweet, home.


  1. Yep, that tips the balance in your favour I reckon. Looks and sounds like a great place. You might just need ear plugs for the kids every now and then.

  2. Looks like a lovely spot to me.

  3. You've succeeded in making me homesick again. An easy thing to do) Just the lighting in a photo tells you it is unmistakably tassie. Trust me there will be a million more reasons you love that place and miss it if you move. Something as simple as the smell of apple blossoms -and buttercups, and bulbs, and everything else that flowers and makes the air the way it is down there.


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