my creative space - felty leaves

Using my current favourite colour combo of green and yellow (this is supposed to be a mustardy yellow, unfortunately my camera seems to have interpreted this as golden yellow), last night I was fiddling around cutting out leaves from some felted wool. 
 'Felted wool' is wool that is woven and then felted, as opposed to 'wool felt' that is just wool fibres just smooshed together and pressed out.   I learnt that from Leonie who one of the proprietor's of a wonderful quilt shop in Hobart, called the Quilted Crow
They have a luscious array of felted wool.
I think this is destined for a cushion, and I'm still thinking of the best way of attaching the leaves....either using a running stitch like the ribbon shown, or machine stitched down their middles.  Any other suggestions?
I just need to keep the symmetry.
I wonder what other lovely creative people are up to today? - I am heading over here to Kirsty's to have a look.   I missed last weeks Creative Space, Thursday just came and went without me even realising it. It's been lots of fun to particpate so far this year.


  1. Just lovely. Really Autumnal and pretty. I think whatever you do with them they will look great. Just rip into it and see what happens!

  2. Beautiful colour selection. This piece will be fabulous when it's finished.

  3. Luisa, they're gorgeous and so Autumn-y. I'd stitch them down the middle to look like the central vein.

  4. Lovely and autumny for me too! Sitting here as the weather warms up again after teasing me with some autumn coolness at the start of the week. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  5. I like the idea of a chunky running stitch down the middle. Whatever you decide I am sure it will look fabulous!

  6. It must be lovely material to work with. Whatever you make i'm sure it will be beautiful.
    re your comment at my blog, it's the stitches & craft show (looming large!)
    Cathy xx

  7. Great colours. I think the running stitch down the middle as well, with maybe a few veins going off to the edge?

  8. Great creative work - simple and beautiful.

  9. Oooo... I love that colour combination too.
    Symmetry isn't a strength of mine so I am afraid that I can't offer you any suggestions. I'm confident it is going to be stunning.

  10. fantastic colour combo. please let us see the finished product


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