What's for breakfast at your place?

At our house, with mornings becoming decidedly chillier, the breakfast of choice is porridge.
I like mine with cranberries, sunflower seeds, pinenuts, and pepitas,
 a sprinkling of cinnamon, organic natural yoghurt,
and a drizzle of local leatherwood honey.

I wonder what's for breakfast at your house?


  1. Oh yum Luisa, that looks and sounds divine! Must try it this weekend (we're out of oats). Most often at the moment we have homemade (by me) bread... I made a really nice honey-oatmeal-cranberry bread this week and it was fantastic toasted with a bit of butter... I do love porridge though!

  2. We've been doing the same, that or soft boiled eggs with dippy toast. It was my daughters birthday on Tuesday and she had porridge with 'birthday sprinkles' on top (100s and 1000s), you should have seen the colour it turned, blurgh! Yours looks much tastier.

  3. Looks delicious.

    I'm into polenta poridge at the moment - cooked with cinnamon & nutmeg and topped with natural yoghurt, my dads honey, LSA and wheatgerm.

  4. Okay, so you wouldn't approve of our brown sugar and milk option. Your porridge looks sooo much better. I wouldn't even have thought about all those toppings, so thanks!
    Cathy x

  5. I love sound of all these yummy combos - more please!

  6. Delicious... I might have to try it out this morning!


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