the barn market here i come

Jumping up and down for joy, I found out last night that I have been accepted into the barn market, and will be holding my next stall there on the 5th of June.  I am really excited about this market, as the organisers Miriam and Helen seem to have a reputation for being professional, yet warm and welcoming.  Can't wait to see the venue itself, it's held in a rustic old barn, with sandstone walls, (perhaps I could move in there!).

Things are getting quite busy all of a sudden, with 2 markets coming up, a special apron to procure, orders to fill.  I'm hoping this winter will therefore fly by, and I'll hardly notice the cold!  Strangely this year, we have had mini snaps of cold weather, but all in all, it's been really lovely weather...On my little sorjourn yesterday afternoon, it felt like late summer, and I felt quite overdressed in long sleeves.   So, I am sorry if I haven't had time to reply to comments of late, a fledgling business, and kiddies, I hope you understand.


  1. Fabulous- sounds terrific and you can use all those brillinat things you learnt in visual marketing.

  2. Congratulations! Of course you made it- your stuff is gorgeous!! Don't worry about comments- I think if someone wants to comment it's because they are thankful for what you have ALREADY contributed/written/given you don't have to write another thank you for a comment. Just visit others blogs whenever you get a chance! xo m.

  3. Oh well done! That's pretty exciting stuff really. You will be busy making lovely things now.

    Our weather sounds just like yours. Too hot for long sleeves again and lots of lovely sunny days.

  4. Congratulations Luisa, I really understand that feeling of elation at being accepted, they are so lucky to have you and your creations! I don't think there are any markets in barns over here, sounds delightful. I'm starting to get orders too so am very happy. Please don't worry about replying. Take care, Barbara


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