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From the flickr group:
Described as....
 'an outlet for all of us who have been brainwashed by the UK Country Living Magazine ethos from an early age.
 Jugs of chilled home made lemonade under the dappled sunlight of an old apple tree with a casually draped vintage tray cloth.'
Ah...this is me to a 't'..enjoy!

skeins and flowers

first peonies

kitchen shelves

mother's day gift

heart shaped scones

wedding wreath

loo with no view

pretty to be here

50's apron

The last one is because I have aprons on my mind at the moment, I have been partnered with Lululiz in Lalaland for an apron swap organised by Sarah from Red Gingham.  Mmm..perhaps I should call Cathy from Little Eve for advice, she's the apron queen!


  1. What a gorgeous, gorgeous post! Loved it all.

  2. Very seductive, those photos! Country Living is lovely as long as you live in the city, I think. We bought into the whole thing and moved to a rundown cottage with a neglected orchard in rural Cumbria, England, and came up against reality with a thump. Very very hard work! Now we're back int eh city and buying Country Living again!

  3. So pretty- thanks for the inspiration! xo m.


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