Life's busy!

School holiday's always does this to me!  This usually very enthusiastic blogger, has had not much time for blogging.  Every morning this week I've been out with the kids....we've been on little nature walks, the beach, and our favourite playground / reserve, and cafes.  The weather has been kind so far this winter!  Let's make the most of it, eh? We are totally loving it.  It's been a really lovely time.  I like to know in my heart when my boy goes back to school, that I have given him lots of quantity and quality.
Combined with preparation for a stall at the barn market this weekend, and the tail end of a yucky cold (let's hope, anyway!), the net is a bit of a memory!
So, if you are around Hobart tomorrow, and feel the need for a little heatpack love, (it's gonna get colder folks, trust me!) I will be selling these (above) this weekend...
In addition to my{Re}heat back and bed warmers, I'll have a good smattering of bunting, as well as the usual bibs, and bib and washie sets, drawstring bags, and wind wands....I think that's it!  I love to do custom work, so contact me if there's anything you're after specifically.
Hope you have a great weekend readers.
Next week I hope to have a bit more time to visit some of your blogs!


  1. Hello Lovely,

    What gorgeous hols you have been having, perfect!

    Sarah x

  2. Hi Luisa, I'm having a stall at the Barn Market too. I will come over and say hi. Hoping it's going to be a busy day. Sonia (Sunday's Child)

  3. these look tooooooo fab!!! wish I lived a little closer & could have gone to your stall at the Barn can dream....

  4. life has been in the way of my blogging as well. good luck at barn market!


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