my creative space - kale in olive oil

I am trying to spend a fair chunk of time outside these days, as it lifts my spirits to feel the warm winter sunshine on my face.   Sewing has taken a bit of a back seat lately, but a walk, or a potter outside is just great.  I am seeing creativity in other ways!  When I go for a bushwalk, I can focus on what my Creator has made, instead of worrying what I haven't - it's very liberating!

This is the result of a dash to the hardware store to buy a punnet of kale, on the very day of my hubbie's birthday.   We already had the empty can of olive oil I had been saving, and with some leftover potting mix, topped it up with some soil from our defunct vegie patch.  A pretty thrifty gift, which came in at around $5.00, if you include a portion of the potting mix.
  And he was touched by it.
Which is the whole point. 
We try not to spend lots of money on each other's birthdays on frivilous things, but instead come up with inventive little ways to show love. 

I cannot tell you how much fun I had drilling these drainage holes - my first time using the cordless with confidence!  I just wanted to drill everything after this!!  Bethany was safely on the swing, watching. 

But note to self:  NEVER say 'oh this is so much FUN!!', whilst drilling with a toddler in earshot!  
(don't worry, all tools are kept safely high up out of reach and behind an impenetrable garage door.)


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  1. I love what you have done with the tin. I have LOADS of them here just waiting for the right inspiration to jump into my head!!

  2. I love that idea, I must buy some oil in a tin :)

  3. Hello lovely Luisa,

    I love using tools too. My fave at the moment is the staple gun. Perhaps not a tool? But it feels like it!
    Looks like your crew are having heaps of fun.
    Oh and I got your email. I would love the links thanks heaps. xo


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