dinner tonight - veg + lentil curry

What's for dinner at your house tonight?
This is what we had.  Thankfully we had a 'stocked' larder, I do wonder how I would cope without my 'convenience foods' aka, the humble tin can.

Vegetable and Lentil Curry

List of ingredients as follows:
silverbeet (or rainbow chard as we had in the patch)
sweet potato
tin of diced tomatoes
tin of organic lentils
bay leaves
oriental master stock by Jillaroo Jams

oops...almost forgot....
vegetable stock
curry powder
cardamom pods

oh...I also added....
 a white potato
cracked black pepper
1 teaspoon of sugar

Things are getting a little tastier at my whole 'adding lentils' thing, I've discovered the humble cardamom pod does wonders to a 'standard' Keen's curry mix.  The kids also love discovering them in their plate now, kind of like a little prize or jewel.
Even my hubbie likes this dish, although I still can't get him to come to grips with tofu unfortunately!
I'm also quite 'keen' to master some more vegetarian dishes to my repertoire, I'm going to experiment with a pumpkin pie next week! 


  1. i can actually say YUM Luisa!
    we had lentils tonight, it's probably our most favourite meal.
    yours looks amazing but we have a fussy one who loves lentils until she sees something in there she "cannot have".
    happy day to you Luisa

  2. Looks delicious, we had Italian Chicken Stew with black olives, can't go wrong!! Love Posie

  3. This looks yum! I love lentils. I made a big pot of soup last night full of lentils of every color!

  4. Looks delicious! I had lentils tonight actually - one of my "I really can't be bothered cooking anything tonight but I guess I should do something" easy dishes: onion, garlic, tin of lentils, dash of red wine vinegar, spinach leaves and eat it on some warmed up pita bread. Too easy and a bit tasty!


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