yellow light

It's not quite reached Spring here in Hobart, it's been pouring, and quite a dark dreary day, but I know it's going to end soon! Even though in the fields we see the colour of Spring in it's glorious yellow form in daffodils, and silver wattle.
Maybe what we need is a shot of yellow in our houses for lifting our lagging Spring spirits?
In the form of candlelight...

yellow candle holders by Sunshine City Lassie

thin beeswax tapers by Queen B

still life - original watercolour painting by Jashme

tealight candles by Beautiful Soaps

Swedish hand painted wooden candle holder by Found Vintage Style

tea light candle holder with real wild coreopsis by Kueblerelves

duo natural candle holder by honey bee toys

Amnesty for human rights

It's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.


  1. it's been a bit dreary in melbourne too.
    your gorgeous finds are definitely mood lifting.
    love the watercolour & the flower tealight especially.
    hope your weekend is filled with sunshine & cuddles

  2. So gorgeous! It was spring here but now it is grey again...

  3. thank you so much for choosing my Swedish candle holder to add to your great finds here!

    our weather these days in Canada is my favorite- blue skies, crisp air... perfect sweater weather!


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