Friday at 'the hive'

I headed into town this afternoon, and had a cuppa and a chat with the effervescent and energetic Kristan from the Craft Hive.  I must say that place is looking specky, it's probably all those lovely vases of flowers from next door at the Flower Room, or maybe it's just the array of handmade goodies adorning the's probably a lot to do with the craft hive queen running the show.  Whatever, it has a lovely vibe.
I had a 16 flag bunting to bring to Kristan, as she ordered a custom one for the shop a while ago.   (no pics -blogger is on strike)
Then, I spent an hour or so cruising around Spotlight...which actually was a pleasant trip for a change...the staff seemed friendly, and chirpier than usual, and I found what I was after! 
It's going to be a cold, cold weekend, - we are expecting snow down to 400 metres tomorrow!
Have a great weekend readers!

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