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Happy Thursday! We've been mucking around with all sorts this week...lots of time for playing at home, and baking, and sewing, and eating outside again, now that the weather's turned.  It's been good.

Do hope your week has been lovely.
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  1. hmm, now I'm hungry!!! A bit of salad and then some bikkies, are they shortbread? Yummy bunting too!

  2. They are my favourite vanilla bikkie recipe, by Donna Hay. Can't go wrong!

  3. your place looks beautiful! it's so great to have the sun come out finally. love your colourful cottons too.

  4. Those biscuits look delish! And having some envy that you can eat outside. I really must invest in some citronella to get rid of the mozzies and flies!

  5. yum - have that recipe i think in the 'flavours' book - we might make that our Friday - thanks for the tip!

    Your BBQ and salad also made me hungry!


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