no chocolate!

It's Friday night, not an ordinary Friday night by any means - 'child numero uno' has gone with my huz on an overnight camping trip, I have settled 'bambino numero due' to bed, and now it's all me with a cup of tea, and a lovely catch up on some favourite blogs.   How can this possibly be?! Who is responsible?! (probably me)  For as I look in my 'usual spot' (the freezer), there is NO CHOCOLATE!
All I can find is a box of additive laden Cheezels.  Who put those there??!  That Nutella in the pantry just ain't gonna cut it either!
It's not an ordinary Friday night.


  1. Is there dial-a-chocolate bar in your area?? You could feel superior by not thinking about chocolate at all?? Oh i have your nights, i miss my husband but when the house is quiet, ahhhh, love Posie

  2. Thanks for your sincere empathy!
    I did actually forget that I could have made a chocolate drink - LOL!

    I may not have any chocolate, but you guys are so sweet xx

  3. Maybe I should be not so sweet and tell you that I'm swimming in Lindt! How cruel I am!!
    I have a friend who keeps a secret stash in a tin in some very hidden location, for just such an evening and for those times when nothing else will do.
    Enjoy the quiet time. x


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