happy birthday my little bonsai girl....

you love anything tiny, and you are my special complete our family circle, you add joy and brilliance to our lives...yelllow is your favourite colour, and that is the colour of sunshine, which is so true of your sunny disposition.  You are funny, gorgeous, quirky, earthy, sometimes introspect, sometimes sensitive to others.  You are growing, learning, feeling, being.   You are our blessing.

Happy 3rd birthday.
I still remember the day you were born with clarity and joy.
And, yet here we are today...people have stopped asking me whether you were a premie baby or not, (you weren't, you were just little, a perfect package) and I've started wishing that time would freeze...



  1. absolutely beautiful post!
    happy birthday little Miss ♥
    hope you have the most wonderful of days.

  2. Oh Lu, is B's birthday November 3 as well? It is Pippin's birthday today too! What a lovely coincidence.. Wishing you all a wonderful day!. Xoxoxox

  3. I hope you all have a wonderful time celebrating this special day :)

  4. Hey Luisa what a beautiful and apt description of your gorgeous girl....hope she had a great party xx


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