It's been a bit of a hard slog

The market on Sunday was very busy, it wasn't until about 1pm, that i was aware that you could actually see the timber floor.
This was my last market for the year, and although i have some custom orders to fullfill, I am going to use the time over the Christmas + new year break to regroup.
I have just found out, that Beth's carer can no longer care for her.  While that's only for a short time each week, I have no other support to rely on.  We all have to work out our limits, and capabilites, and something sometimes needs to give.    Plus, she has just gotten over another illness requiring more anti-biotics.   I'm a firm believer, that things happen for a reason.  Balancing... weaknesses with strengths. My weakness is i am never very fast at getting things done...my strength is that i don't give up easily.  Having a perfectionist streak is both a weakness and a strength.
I can't say anything about this handmade, micro business has been easy this year.   Juggling family life, with everything else.
well. you. know.

So, please let me share some pics from my last market for 2010...

My lovely friend Gail, made these bunting cards....aren't they sweet?

Thanks needs to go to these wonderful people, without whose support I would be poorer indeed...
My friend Belinda, who came along to give me a loo break, but was beaten by Miriam from Nara Design, (my favourite children's wear designer!) who came to 'rescue me' from her own stall upstairs, and Karen from Karen Wagner Garden Design who came by to say hello.
The encouragement, and continuing friendship from these ladies, as well as Rosie from Notions, Narelle, from Ruby Victoria Letterpress, and Tamsin, from the Flatpack Bakers, makes this handmade life worthwhile.


  1. Hi Luisa I'm so sorry I ran out of time to get to The Market - I was caught up with Joshua's birthday festivities. I wanted to introduce myself and look at your gorgeous wares. Oh well, next time. Oh, and I empathise with you about being a perfectionist - it can make life harder ☺. J x

  2. Oh, and Miriam is just the sweetest soul. Miss India adores her Nara dresses. J x

  3. Congratulations on wrapping up the year!! Yes, read the situation, take care of that little one & breathe in the new year, it will be sorted. Love Posie

  4. Luisa, what an attractive and professional looking stall.. you know your stuff. Hope you had a satisfying day.

  5. your market stall looks goreous. it is a good time of year to think about time and space.

  6. your stall looks amazing luisa... really beautiful. I'm with you on believing things happen for a reason- doesn't always make life easier, but it gives us strength to keep on going.
    it was lovely to meet you at the barn market in June this year- i think your buntings are gorgeous

  7. Thank you ~~ you are all wonderful x

  8. Luisa, sorry to be late in commenting on your beautifully presented stall and I so agree, it's wonderful when a friendly face appears at your stall, instructs you to wander around the other stalls for a while, sells some of your stuff and then gets you some coffee!
    Take good care of yourself ... Love, Barbara x


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