Christmas Gift Guide #1 ~ little girl's dresses

This is the first of a series of new posts that i will be running prior to Christmas.

The focus will be on handmade or small production runs of lovely things, that would be just perfect for that special gift.  And gifts with a sustainable living message.

This first little gift guide is a taster of the amazing array of talent in the handmade world, and will show how easy it is to support fair trade, and eco products! 
Use this guide as a springboard to search for local product.

Please support handmade.

So here is a small selection of adorable little dresses for little misses ~~ who can possibly resist them?
i simply can't!

Get them to make their own little dress! ~~ If you're in Australia, and you have an inkling that the recipient of your gift is a crafty sort, you could even buy them some fabric from online seller Amber, from Fresh Fabric Australia.  Her pricing is great, and she's also a very friendly seller.  Patterns and fabric can also be found on the Kelani Fabric website, or try Duckcloth. The Haby Goddess has a great range of very funky haberdashery, and patterns for the modern sewer. Check out her post on why it's so good to buy handmade, here.

If you have a small handmade business anywhere, making little girl's dresses, (even amongst other things!) please feel free to leave a link in the comments, so others can find you.


  1. What a lovely idea for a post ... my favorites are the last two.

  2. I love these dresses!!! Thank you, Luisa for including one of ours here.

  3. Wow it is really great to see such beautiful girls dress with cute girls, Thanks for sharing Keep Blogging!!

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  4. All the dresses are lovely.
    I am so glad that I came across this post.


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