Why Worry about Christmas? - a pause in Advent {week 2}

True story #1
Today I learned about some friends who lost their massive shed, 2 cars, precious family memories (including her mum and dad's heritage wedding photos), in a fire that raged into the night, and only ended in the wee hours this morning.  Thankfully, no-one was hurt, and their house was spared.
True story #2
Exactly one year + 1 day ago, I posted about a true miracle in every sense of the word - even now as I am more aware of the details of that story, it is the stuff of awe.

The son of our friends who lost their shed, walked down their driveway to the road, with a flashtorch, to wait & beacon the fire trucks.  (They live on a quiet, rural road).   Almost immediately, someone happened to be driving past, & stopped to help. (not the called fire brigade).  The person who stopped was a fire-fighter.
Some might call it a co-incidence, some call it a GOD-incidence.   It alters your perspective.

Both sets of friends in story 1 & 2 believe in a sovereign God.
One that is in full control of everything that happens to us, good and bad.
They both believe in the end, whatever happens in this life, is a small matter compared to a future glory.

When yucky stuff seems to happen around Christmas time, do you think maybe it's amplified just a little?
I'm hearing of people's cancers returning, having to spend time away from family at Christmas time.  It's a really difficult time of year to be dealing with this stuff, when there is so much pressure all around to 'be happy', and enjoy the festivities of the season.
I think Christmas brings up a lot of stuff - literally and figuratively speaking. 
I think Christmas is about everything.

Worry - plastic tree vs real tree
Worry - how much to spend on presents?
Worry - what should we eat? Who's house this year?  Kris Kringle?  Turkey or Ham? Both?
Worry - eco present vs big box convenience vs ethical giving vs handmade.
Worry - what do we believe?  I mean really?  How do we make it meaningful for the kids, without being religious?
Worry - recycle wrapping.
Worry - ???

You know that expression, 'the devil's in the details'?  Or, 'God is in the details'?
For some reason, all last week, that has been in my head.
And then after that I watched a couple of shows - Richard Hammond's 'Invisible Worlds' - nanoscale facts that knocked-me-off-my-feet.   But as I watched Immortal last evening, (watch it here), I was compelled to learn about an enzyme (called telomeres) that can cause cells to 'live' forever, or cause cancer (well that's the simplified verson!).  It's all a delicate balance.

The 'hook' at the end of the show, was that by worrying less, and treating your body kindly, you can actually over time increase the length of the telomeres, thus lengthening your life, (if you are already suffering chronic stress).

Now, here I'll quote Jesus! 
'Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?'
Matthew 6:27


I think God is in the nano science reveals, is full of design.  Something so beautiful as a snowflake, is full of design.  God's design work is in everything!  It's not a hodgepodge potluck.

above image
all others images from here.

I think God cares about the little stuff that happens to us, as much as the big stuff.
The God of the macro, the God of the micro.

'Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.'
Luke 12:7

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  1. Oh yes, so much here to think about, Luisa. I remember your miracle last year. I'm going to drive off to a lesson in a mo, and will spend some time on the way reflecting on what you've written.

  2. Brilliant post Luisa, thank you so much. I agree with all you have said. We should definitely all worry less. Hoping you and your family have a wonderful, joyous & "worry free" Christmas. xo

  3. Luisa, what a beautiful post...I especially like God of the macro and the micro.. so true. Very sad to hear about your friends. How devastating it must be to lose so much. A reminder to be grateful for what we have.


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