Here she is folks...our 'new' vintage piece of joy!
Many of you already know about my passion and insane desire to own a vintage caravan. (I'm a bit nuts over anything little, and homey, but that's another story)
Well after nuturing this dream quietly, and not so quietly, a couple of weeks ago, we found her, and i was besotted! 
 It still feels a bit surreal.
Here are a few details about her....
She's a 12 foot custom made Bondwood caravan, her exact date of manufacture is a bit sketchy, but it's mid - late 50's.
We are so grateful that her condition is so good for her age, I'll post more pics of the inside, once I wipe over the red dust from Lightening Ridge (NSW)!
A big thanks needs to go to my hubbie John, and Adam for the big trip over to Melbourne to collect her.
Honestly, what is love, if it isn't my darling sweetie enduring two 10 hour boat trips in 2 days!? 
And, Adam, what a great friend you are for your support.

It's a credit to her former owners, that she has been tended so lovingly over the last 10 years, and I suddenly felt yesterday, so heavy with the responsibility that comes with a vintage item!  We are now the custodians, with a duty to tend and treat her well...after all she has quirks!
I have plans to colour her up a bit......
She needs definitely needs a name ...maybe I could run a competition on the blog?
My sister has kindly sent me her short list!

Happy Days!!
to come!!!

My kids are already loving spending time in it.....


  1. She is beautiful!!! Congratulations... some fun to come with that addition to your enchanted garden.

  2. sigh! she is lovely almost the same shape as out little bundle of joy congratulations you fellow vintage caravaner you :)
    Narelle x

  3. BETTER THAN A puppy!!! fabulous- I am green with envy!!

  4. How deliciously exciting! They are sooo enchanting aren't they! X

  5. Oh so jealous. Would love to see a blog comp with name suggestions. I'd like to propose Nancy.

  6. Oh my gosh, how gorgeous! Green with envy too.

  7. oooh WOW!!!! amazingly beautiful!
    I love that they travelled to Melbourne for you, lucky girl, you are soo loved.

    have fun with it Luisa, definitely your dream come true.

    can't wait to see more pics ♥

  8. She is gorgeous, my suggestion is Queenie. Have you seen last months copy of Country Style magazine with a gorgeous vintage sunliner article? Also there is a delightful sunliner on ebay currently painted red- maybe will give you some colour inspiration. Can't wait to see interior photos.

  9. Fantastic! And SO you, Luisa! I'm quite taken with the name suggested above: Queenie. Regal yet cute.

  10. Hey Luisa, your baby is finally home where she belongs! x

    I love vintage caravans...puts mine to not really...i love my baby girl

  12. Wow! Your are so very very lucky. I'm looking forward to seeing your caravan decoration/renos. Enjoy!


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