Festa Italia


One of the things i like best about living in Hobart, is the chance to catch up on the little events and festivals that happen.  We visited Festa Italia in North Hobart today, and had a slice of the most delicious pizza ever in Hobart by Da Angelo.  (i mean ever) And followed that by the freshest Crostoli..crunch crunch.  It was a bit of a carb fest!

 They were yummy, but i miss the way my mum used to make them with lemon zest and a touch of grappa!
And I still haven't figured out why the apparent obsession with Tom Jones with the festival organisers, must be a big hit with the oldies?!
We didn't stay for the spaghetti or watermelon eating contest...but it was a fun day out.
Not bad for a street party, but there was no bunting.   Oh, how they could have done with some green, white and red flags, that way it would look like a real street party! 
Hobart - love it!


  1. There always seems to be one festival or another happening in Hobart. It seems just such a great place to live. x

  2. Good for you, Luisa! I'm pleased you're getting used to your new place. We missed this one as we were still getting over the previous weekend ☺. J x

  3. Hey Luisa looked like you all had a nice day and great weather for it...yes you are definitly looking to be enjoying the city lifestyle....xx


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