ok it's official - we're moving

Those big changes I was waxing lyrical about in this post is finally happening, right now, as we speak.  This week.  This crazy, long week already.  I'm both excited and exhausted at the idea of it all.  Our family has been living in our current house for almost 4 years, and it's the only house 'b' has ever known.   But actually for the rest of us, it's the 3rd move in 4 years - that is a bit crazy.   I've been putting off this post, but as i get further along, i realise it's going to be impossible in a couple of days, once we are well and truly in the thick of it. 

So, just a few little tidbits about it all for those who are just a little curious:  We are moving from what was about 10 years ago, a little sleepy country town i guess you could say, but as we are standing now, it's becoming building metropolis.  You know, move over cows, hello concrete and brick, and just a little too much ticky tacky houses for my liking.   But, golly no, that is not at all why we are going.  And, you'll never guess where we're heading, can you?   We're going into the hubhub of: (drumroll please)
  Yep, the big smoke itself, folks.  I bet you would have never guessed that one, eh?

Have I surprised you?  Well i think this time, i may have surprised myself.  Certainly twelve, even six months ago, it was something i would never have dreamed of happening (not even in my dream dreams).  I do rather like it though, when this kind of thing happens.   We are going to be living in a turn of the century cottage, and as care-takers of a property in town, on a medium term assignment.  We've done it before, sans kids.  This time, with two in tow, well it's going to be different.  And fun.  I'm looking so forward to visiting parks, and places we never had time or energy to bother with so much living out of town.  I'm really looking forward to our new little adventure.
And although Hobart is not exactly culture central, it does have some pretty good cafes.   Jackman and McRoss is one of my faves...hurrah!

I've even discovered a site on the 'top ten places to buy food in Hobart'.  Now, i'll be needing that, won't i?
But how on earth the farmer's market got missed off this list, i'll never know.
Oh, i'll also be needing the 'top ten places in Hobart to drink coffee'.  Mm, research needed.


  1. How exciting!!!! I hope the move goes smoothly. Xx

  2. All the best with the move Luisa. Best of luck!

  3. Well, good for you, Luisa! Now we just must get organised to meet ☺. J x


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