winner drawn

Hurrah!  This was a really fun thing to do! (my first give-away, and about time too!)
I had 25 entries on my facebook page to win a set of pastel rainbow bunting flags, and I'm pleased to say the winner has been drawn this evening.  And it is indeed a small world, this land of blog & facebook, because I even know the winner! Lauren and I first met when we were selling our wares at a market in Hobart.  I even follow her beautiful family orientated blog!
Congratulations to Lauren and her owlets of course!  ♥

I like the anticipation of an old-fashioned draw, plus i don't know how to use one of those computer draw thingies, or maybe i'm too lazy to find out!
Here is my darling boy after we had folded everyone names on paper in half very carefully, and he did a very studious shuffle, and picked a random winner!
This photo has made me realise he needs a haircut bad.  He doesn't like having his hair cut.  Even when he was a little baby, when i was breastfeeding him, he would touch the back of his head, and fondle his gorgeous orange locks.  Nothings changed!  He really likes to keep the length, and as I am the one who cuts his hair, we often have great discussion about how many nano millimeters to agree on to cut!

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  1. Oh well at least those gorgeous curls are going to waste on this boy! It seems most people with curls want straight hair. I'd love a crop like that! Well done to your lucky winner!!


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