pics of the last fruits of our labour from our last house + other delights = oh how lucky we are

The tomato crop was appalling i'm afraid...these tomatoes are the heirloom variety that we bought from the Botanical Gardens last year, the big yellow ones are 'Tasmanian Blushing Yellow', and the little ones are 'Snow White' (this is for you Floss!)

Still you can't complain at all when there is a great pizza place in town...

And if all else fails, you can add the Hobart farmers market on Sunday's to an abundance of harvest blessings....

followed by a baked custard in my $2 'corning ware' op shop find...

thanks to my friend, Helen who provides us with the yummiest free range eggs ever.

I can't wait to get stuck into the herb garden at our new place this weekend...i can't live without fresh parsley, and baulk at having to buy it.  Our son has even promised to help me with getting it ready, how sweet of him...that is after we finish setting up his fish tank with actual real fishies!

Have a great weekend, peeps.


  1. amazing looking pizza! yum!

    congratulations! I am bestowing on you the Awesome blog award.
    You can read about it here -

  2. Thank you so much Tess! What a delightful surprise!

  3. Ah, well, thanks for the photos and the information, even if the crop didn't come up well. Do you think it was the weather, or the varieties, or something else? I took a blogging break for a week so I'm really glad I tracked back and found this, Luisa! Now I'm imagining you gardening in the new place!


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