how far can a bowl of rice go?

Well, it can go pretty far!
$14.00 for 10 kilos of rice, fed 150 school children and teachers at my son's school yesterday.
You might say, that's pretty economical and it would be, but take it further and donate a gold coin for your bowl of rice, and suddenly you have $200.  A great teaching lesson for fund-raising for a school building project in Farajok, Sudan.  Along with pupils experiencing a humble meal, their school work was done under a tree that day, just like the school in Sudan! 
This is part of a wider fund-raising effort for this project -they've already made $200 from rock shifting! And the school is also madly collecting 5c - it's amazing to see how that's adding up! 

  • more than 80 percent of southern Sudan's rural population does not have access to electricity.
  • A girl born in southern Sudan has a better chance of dying during pregnancy or childbirth than of completing primary school.
  • Some 95,000 Sudanese children under the age of five died last year as a result of preventable diseases in southern Sudan.
  • About 400 BC, the ox-driven water wheel was introduced to the Sudan. It still plays a vital role in the country's economy.
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  1. That is such a great thing to teach the littles- I lvoe everything about it.

  2. Hey Luisa. how's things? Very interesting info and loved the idea of kids learning outside. Your new home page is great. xx

  3. Hi Luisa,
    I came across your blog today doing some research for Anzac day. A very beautiful blog indeed!
    I love this rice idea... and would love to pass it on to my daughters school, as year 6 raise money each year to support a world vision child.
    Do you mind if I do that?
    I will be back... I enjoyed my time here a lot.

  4. I would be so happy if people took this idea, and made a difference, Ally! PLEASE feel free to.


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