exquisite embroidery at the Hobart Botanical Gardens

I saw this wall hanging produced by the Hobart Embroiderers' Guild to celebrate Hobart's bi-centenary (in 2004), and it knocked my socks off...It's full of detail and richness, and the volunteer who let me into the room to show me, gave permission for me take these photos.  I told her I was going to blog about them, and she said it was ok.
So my little discovery has become yours too!

It was a group project undertaken by 26 members of the Guild, called 'A Walk through the Gardens’, it 'provides the viewer with a feeling of the ambience and beauty of the gardens'...
What little discoveries have you made lately?

This ol' gardener carved from wood, stands outside the visitor's cottage where the hanging is displayed.
Every time we pass him, we try to to figure out why he's wearing this attire for gardening.   It looks at though he's wearing his Sunday best.
Can anyone guess?

Happy weekend all


  1. WOW! They are amazing - I can see which part of the gardens the work is from as well! I was there this week - it must be hiding...

  2. I love that wooden guy too! And I suspect he's dressed like that because that's what he would have worn 150 years ago when the gardens were being established (maybe), especially if he was employed by the Govenor to tend his gardens.


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