feeling quite quiltish & quitting {a job}

Boy, I can't tell you what a whirlwind of emotions it had been here a couple of weeks ago. 
 I applied for a job which involved a major portion of weekend time.  (Am I an idiot or something?) To my surprise I got the job. (Then I realise THE mistake.)
After much turmoil and debating which took the better part of a week (could have saved myself and my hubbie the grief)....I decided I wouldn't take the job.
(BIG relief). HUGE.
I felt so relieved in fact, that an ENORMOUS wave of peace and energy has been reigning over me ever since.
I feel so very, very blessed to have a husband who doesn't put any pressure on me about anything, and laughs gently at me putting pressure on myself.
I feel to grateful have "re-gained" my precious family time, that every moment at the moment is being savoured. 
This wave of energy knowing that I had released myself from a job I knew I would hate, (even before I began), opened up a world of opportunites for me in my mind.
I thought, I just want to make some stuff now, so a quilt top was started.  The itching to make a quilt has been lying dormant in me for a while now...and I've been stashing fabric (as if you would never know!) Then I saw this...over at Cathy's.  Thanks for the inspiration Cathy x.
Oh, my I thought I have this fabric in a jelly roll, and some other bits...I can do THIS.
I've still got to put a top and bottom border on.
Now I would like to make three tops by winters end, and somehow I am wondering...maybe this is an ambitious project? I have only ever made one tiny cot sized quilt before, yonks ago, and oh, the devastation that quilt caused - it faded DRAMATICALLY.  It had left me wounded to ever want to quilt again.
But I like jelly rolls, I like the sound of them, and I like how modern and easy they make quilt making.
I got a tonne of books from the library, but in the end they all seemed inappropriate and somewhat fussy, plus I wanted the fabrics to speak for themselves.  So I chopped and arranged, making the most of the jelly roll that I had left (I had used some in a skirt for my daughter - oops), and so far I'm loving this process.
I am gonna cheat and get a long arm quilting service to quilt it. then I'll tackle the binding ...then I can get on with the other two, eh?

Happy days indeed.


  1. It looks lovely! And much more fun to spend your weekends stitching than working ...

    Pomona x

  2. You are funny! And I do love your new quilt. Very pretty coloured fabrics with cute patterns. It's going to make you so happy to see it on a bed that it will inspire you to keep going. Well done!

  3. Lovely fabrics and a gorgeous quilt. And if you've whipped that one up in a weekend then you're going to have three quilts done BEFORE winter!!

  4. I know how you feel. I sewed school uniforms for a while and hated every second of it, but after I gave it up, the feeling was wonderful. Cheers to all those silent husbands out there giving their wives freedom of choice.

  5. Hi Ange...I did not do ALL of this in ONE involved a couple, and a few evenings too...still it came together quite quickly, but then I guess that is the joy of jelly rolls!

  6. Oh, good for you, Luisa, for making the decision you felt most comfortable with. Bravo. And I'll watch how your quilt progresses with interest as one day, I want to make one for Sam. J x

  7. LOL. Very funny. It looks wonderful. The colours are so spring-y! xo m.

  8. Quilt top looks great! Much better way to spend your time! xo


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