our plot

When we first 'adopted' our plot at the community garden a couple of months ago, I was worried we wouldn't be able to fill it up....
Now I'm worried that we won't have enough room left for sunflowers, sugarsnap peas, tomatoes, corn and celery! Today we planted rocket and raddichio, as well as a painted sign!

Some colour from other surrounding plots....

Mt Wellington in the distance....

Where do you plant your vegies? I have a friend who even plants them in her front yard - I love that!


  1. WOW your plot is doing GREAT!!! I have these mysterious plants appearing where the asparagus is suppose to be... It looks like potatoes - argh!

    HAve put lots of seeds in - pray they grow!!!

  2. MMm...naughty little things, those 'weeds'!


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