Simple traditions

Sometimes, we assume traditions have to be a grandiose affair. 
I went into a home wares store during the week, and had a conversation with the sales assistant that moved me so much. 

She was telling me about her mother, who used to make an occasion of having cake.  The lady had a sister, and every time that they ate cake, she always gave the girls a cake fork, and a pretty plate to eat it on. 

Her mother would also sometimes decorate an outdoor table with a lovely table cloth, and they took their afternoon tea out.  She would put flowers on the table, and made an effort to make it special.
Whenever she visited someone's else's house as a child, and there was cake served, she would ask queryingly, "where is the cake fork?"

You may assume her mother, having an affinity with the finer details of life, was well off in terms of money.  She wasn't.
But certainly, she was abundant in spreading joy, and make her daughters feel valued and loved.
It's surely something we are all capable of doing.

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