A few little projects.

On the go this week, I'm working on a commissioned felt teapot cover for Verity from Joie de Tea.  I want to also make some wands, and a bunting with an old Japanese bathrobe.

I also was thrilled to find some little timber cut-outs that resemble my 'Dance in my garden' star flowers...very happy! I'm going to turn the big one into a brooch.


  1. aaaaaaaaaaaw the squirrel is already too cute,I cant wait to see this finished!!!

  2. What a lovely page, very impressed. To think my lovely sister has this and I am pictured with my cutie niece, I am so lucky, and sis is very clever and caring

  3. Whee, I'm so excited about the squirrel tea cosy! :)

    Those little flower-star cut-outs are just beautiful, they would make lovely brooches!


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