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Fluffy frosting in the making

We had Mr ‘D’s party yesterday, (now 7!), and were blessed with good weather, so thankfully the kids played outdoors. He prefers at home parties, with fun old-fashioned games. One of the activities the children did was decorate their own loot bag that I made from calico, with iron-on crayons. A space ‘shuttle’ cake was requested, and after I donned my ‘op shop’ apron, I nearly lost my cool making the fluffy frosting. In the past I have mostly made cakes with buttercream, however this was slightly challenging….Who ever knew that the amalgamation of egg whites, sugar and and water could turn into such a luscious, light, glossy, lickable concoction?! So, at the end of the day, 2 big sighs of relief….party boy happy, and frosting conquered!

Space Shuttle cake has 'landed'! Intact thankfully.
Then, bizarrely enough, I found a  great site on aprons last evening, http://www.http//
There are links to an assortment of apron makers, and apron tutorials, for the aspiring domestic goddess and their wee domestic faeries!
There were squeals of apronista delight when I discovered a couple weeks ago, that I had won an apron, made by Little Eve, just by following a lovely lass's blog,  run by Cathy who sells her wares through her Etsy store, and Made It.  Me, who never wins anything…! It’s a cute little number called ‘cupcake’, and my little ‘B’ loves to dress up in it. So well made, tagged, and packaged beautifully it was, that I think this apron would make a gorgeous gift for a girl who likes to dabble in all things bakery and nice. Cathy also makes more domestic goodness in the form of lovely pouches, and cloth napkins.
And to top off another lovely co-incidence, it's Cathy's birthday today...just read this on your blog, Cathy!!  Happy Birthday to you Cathy, hope you are having a terrific day!
Alas, I have to also confess, the book ‘A is for Apron’ sits on my bookshelf for inspiration only...but I will make myself a peg apron soon, really!
In the meantime I'll be happy to keep pondering about the previous owner of my apron. Who was she? What lovely things might she have cooked for her family, making memories whilst wearing it……?

Little Miss Cupcakes Apron by Little Eve


  1. For about 10 years I was the maker of cakes for my niece and nephew. Each year something bigger and better was expected, so I understand the pressure! I once ended up in tears over the icing! Thankfully, they they haven't requested anything for the last year or two. Greta job on the space shuttle...but where are the astronauts?

  2. woohoo Happy birthday to your little one,It was Rubys Birthday yesterday as well!!

  3. Hi Luisa,
    Thank you for the birthday wishes! Also happy birthday for your gorgeous boy. What an amazing cake, very impressive! Thanks for the kind words about the apron also...lovely!

  4. Alas, we had a wee lego man for the cockpit, but Mr D decided at the last minute, he was to abort the mission! Rosie, you are a lovely auntie to have make all those cakes!!
    Happy Birthday Ruby! And thanks Little Eve, I certainly hope you birthday ladies had a great day too!

  5. Happy Birthday to the little guy and what a great cake!


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