My Father's Garden

A clear Spring day in my Father's garden.   School holidays mean a visit to my mum, and my dad's garden.  Although he's no longer physcially with us, I really love being able to enjoy the fruits and flowers of his labours over 10 years always makes me smile.

Artichoke with Alstroemeria

Sweet Chestnut touches the sky

Blossom now, nectarine later!


  1. It's a lovely garden. It's very special that you have a special place to remind you of him . . . and his handiwork.

  2. Hi Luisa

    Hope you are well I am having a little giveaway on my blog and would love you to join in, best, Edwina

  3. How lovely and that you have such a nice place to go to remember him. I am sure his spirit is with you!


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