Entrepreneurs can change the world

I don't normally watch YouTube, however I found this yesterday, and was so glad I did, because I really, really, really needed this.
My mum and dad were very poor Italian migrants, you wouldn't consider them 'entrepeneurs', they never set out to take on the world, make a million, or had any brilliant ideas....but they worked VERY hard, NEVER gave up, and on countless occasions, showed GREAT COURAGE. 

Sometimes, when in doubt, the hardest thing is to keep going....maybe sometimes we just have to...
and pray a lot.

'Whatever you think you can or cannot do, you are right.'
Henry Ford


  1. Thanks so much for sharing that Luisa, it was an inspirational reminder!

    I always love coming to your blog, it is full of beautiful things and brings a smile to my face! Hang in there xox


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