Market finds from the Weekend (week 2 of 'the Challenge')

Every Monday, I plan to share something handcrafted, or thrifted for the whole year of the 'Challenge of the Utmost Kind'... so without further ado here are the lovelies I found from a gift seeking mission yesterday at the market in Hobart.....see it's not hard to buy 'handmade'!

Pack of 3 bean bags.
Filled with different textured beans/lentils/rice and made from different materials. They are fantastic for gross motor skills. Children can use them to throw, catch, balance etc. and they are soft, so good to use indoors.

 by Rosie from Notions,
 where the packaging is as scrumptious as the product.

Trio of soaps
 by Natures Path, make the soap that smells divine, & contains Tasmanian olive oil.
 This selection: Grapefruit, Lime, & Calendula flowers, and Spearmint, Parsley, & Pine rosin
Here is little miss 'b' smelling the intoxicating goodness.


  1. I forgot about those little bags for throwing and cathcing practice- what a great idea- they are gorgeous!
    great finds! I agree its not hard to buy handmade.

  2. Those little beanbags are terrific, and the soaps look divine... Great finds!

  3. Some great buys. Love the bean bags.

  4. Thank you Lu .. the yummy soaps you left on my doorstep are divine - you are such a special friend ♥

  5. Awesome finds!!! My latest obsession is handmade soaps. YUM.


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