Perfect Packaging

I've been thinking a LOT about packaging my product to better effect.  A finishing touch that is essential, and often in my case overlooked! I've been scouring the net for inspiration, as usual!  I was so happy when I saw that Vandoros (the most comprehensive ribbon supplier in OZ), finally has their web site now up and running, - it has been for a couple of months apparently, and according to Vandoros they will be adding the functionality of being able to purchase on line soon. Whilst they only sell to wholesalers, if you spot a ribbon you can't live without, you can contact them and they will put you in touch with a local retailer.  Failing that you can always try on line store Ribbons Galore, who stock a lot of their product.

So here are a few packaging ideas...

Brown twine goes with almost anything, by Etsy seller Brown Bird Market.

If it's interesting envelopes you need, try these made from maps, by Etsy seller, 'picklehead':

ok...not quite packaging, but I like this map theme, and if you like old maps like me, you may need a booklet to record your packaging ideas, banter, sales, or memories,
this one is by Etsy seller Winstonpook,
who sells lovely cahier's like these:

Get a customised stamp made for your tags and stationary, like this one by Craft Pudding.

or check out this tutorial and make your own.

Eco friendly furoshiki packaging:

Altoid tins:

 Check out this helpful Storque article by Danielle Thompson for Etsy, for hints and tips to get your packaging pretty.

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So, make it fun, make it unique, make it yours!


  1. I went through this a while back - but ended up right back where i started with brown paper and brown string.

  2. Cath, you just can't beat simple sometimes!

  3. Hi Luisa, Great article. I love to pretty up my customer packages, I think it is so important. Whether it's simple or detailed, a little effort goes a long way. Anna


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