musings from open day

The weather was superb - sunny & humid, (are we in Hobart?!)  BUT what a day to be spending outside enjoying the sky, and good company from the lovely people that turned up. 
  Anna, from Nevanna Designs and I definitely had quality, not quantity.
 Maybe people decided it was so nice, they came to Blackmans Bay, saw the glistening blue water beckoning along the road from Anna's house, and decided to go to the beach instead - I know I would have! (did I say that?)
From our first open day, we learned that there is still lots of room for improvement in the area of promotion....however the blessing of fine weather and loyal customers and friends was so appreciated, and I'll think we'll have another go next year.   

A little happy moment for me on the day, was from a lovely young lass who came along, haven previously been given one of my bibs from her friend for the birth of her 1st baby.   She told me how she 'googled' Dance in my garden, from the bib label, found my blog, saw the open day advertised, turned up, and consequently bought some items for presents.    I was quite chuffed, that my blog is somehow 'working' from an exposure point of view (although this isn't the only reason I blog).  And it was really lovely to meet her in person too, we had a wee chat about home-schooling, and blogging.
I guess this is why I love doing markets, meeting people is the best part about this business.

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  1. Im glad you had such a lovely day for your open day and all went well. If I had not been the neighbourhood childcare today I certainly would have popped in to say "hi" ... instead I ran into your J at the service station! lol


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