sewing weather this week....

Sewing has taken over my life a tad, as I'm trying to increase my 'stockpile', a seemingly futile task at times.
  I have been madly making drink cozies, but my dilly bag pile sits sadly neglected.
The weather has just been too lovely to sit and sew inside....I definitely can see the feasability of moving my sewing machine on the table underneath the pergola outside...I'm sure it can be done...after all, one just needs a long enough extension cord, and the good sense to bring the jolly janome back inside at night...I am beginning to detest sewing inside, when the sun is a shining...and I tend to sew when little 'b' has her nap.
Ah, yes, I am about to coin a new phrase....'alfresco sewing'.
I like it.  Blogging is good like that, it clears the cobwebs, and provides little snippets of inspiration.
Oh....speaking of must head over to Dottie Angel...she is having a snippety snip time on her blog.

So I did take to sitting outside in the sunshine, and started sewing on my mother of pearl buttons, but then it got too darn hot, so under the pergola I went, I had a fresh breeze, so I couldn't complain.

then I did stop for lunch....

I love the silveryness of these mother of pearl buttons, on the cream plate.

A Chrismassy message, for a dilly bag...
I'm trying to think of a 'catchy' name for these...not a santa bag, and yet more than just a dilly bag....
all I can think of at the moment is a 'silly dilly santa bag'....I'm not sure that is gonna work!  I'm quite receptive to ideas if anyone has any good ones?

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  1. what about "a little bag of joy!" ? .. hope to see you tomorrow arvo 8-)


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