99 feelings

Are you in touch with your 99 feelings by Mitsy Sleurs, of Art Mind?
Check out this article in Living Creatively

Invincible, Purity, Patience, Courage, Torn, Tense, Oneness, Sick, Ambitious, Cute, Depressed, Angry, Silly, Empty, Curious, Irritated, Sad, Frustrated, Mean, Pain, Hurt, Tied,  Untied, Lethargic, Restless, Betrayed, Numb, Stuffed, Nervous, Hate, Relieved, Wise, Free, Hungry, Overwhelmed, Tired, Explosive, Addicted, Pressured, Regret, Safe, Stress, Pretty, Agitated, Blocked, Greedy, Protected, Adventurous, Special, Divided, Zombie, Cold, Sweet, Confused, Excited, Small, Shy, Comfort, Passionate, Shitty, Relaxed, Lost, Defensive, Uncertain, Chaotic, Creative, Sleepy, Proud, Surprised, Bored, Naughty, Strong, In Love, Love, Romantic, Invisible, Sexy, Balanced, Old, Dazzling, Touched, Brave, Broken, Cursed, Blue, Tough, Rough, Amazed, Organised, Captured, Super, Giddy, Crushed, Scared, Satisfied, Isolated, Calm, Happy, Vulnerable.

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