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A couple of months ago, I happened upon a site called Sewn, that boasted a curious function called a 'fabric finder'.  All you do it says, is pop in your fabric desperation details.  Sounds easy.... I guess. Then, somehow off it goes to a 'cyber sewing space'....and maybe if your lucky?   Well I tried it a couple of weeks ago, after a customer asked me for a bunting to be made up in a fabric that I only had a little of left.
"i just really like that pattern"...she said.
   So, I waited, and thought to myself forlornly....'no chance at all'...after all it was made in 1995, and by a company in Australia that doesn't appear to exist anymore, on the selvedge it said 'an Australian design by Domain Imports'...WELL.....unbelievably, after just waiting not that long at all, a lovely lady from Bargain Box Fabrics in Corowa, NSW, contacted me to tell me she had it in her store! 
And now I can tell my happy customer, that her wishes will be fulfilled...and as I really do like this fabric I have decided to get more, it's a gorgeous (not too commercial) gardenesque style to feature in bunting.  

'in my garden bunting' - sold

equally lovely indoors or out in the garden
- added some ticking, and calico to break up the pattern a bit 

 fabric 'found' by Sewn....!

.... it features herbs and perennials...such as;
 thyme, chamomile, garlic, nasturtium, poppy, dill, rosemary, chicory, hollyhock, sage, parsley, arnica, wood sorrel, majoram, marigold, coriander & more

see the wee felt baby? - she seems right at home here...

Has anyone else used Sewn to help find  fabric?   I wouldn't hesitate to use this free service again.

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