fab quarters & screen printed snippets

I did indeed tell myself this week I would blog less,
 as I have too much work to do...
however, I have been known to blog purely for relaxation, and distraction (who moi!)... so here I am unashamedly showing off my new little stash of fabric from Danielle Smeets ofpaperandthread, together with some Japanese fat quarters from Wafu Works (Kingston Beach)...featuring dragonflies, bunnies, and owls.
I have already been making drink cozies with Danielle's fabrics...I adore her work...she is one of my favourite fabric printers.  This scrap pack came from her Etsy store, which is currently closed until the 25th November, as she's away getting hitched!  I think her fabrics would also make a lovely gift for any crafter, the scrap packs are a great idea, as you get a variety of colours and patterns....great for lots of little projects.
Check out these clever people using her fabric here.

I am also loving the work by Lucie Summer from the UK....


Summersville - Avenue in sky blue on oatmeal

.....and I had to include these dinky hand screen printed labels by Etsy seller ruralmamma


  1. hi luisa
    we really need to get our heads together and print up some fabric for you I think
    I love the designs you have posted on here they are just lovely
    catch you soon you busy bee
    Narelle x

  2. I was in at Wafu the other day and had my hands on that owl fabric, but decided on some others instead! glad you grabbed it, its very cute!

  3. I love Danielle's work too! And Summersville. The little houses are so cute and she does gorgeous colourways.


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