roll on the weekend

If I told you all the last minute mad things I need to do today to prepare for 
Handmade Hobart  tomorrow, you wouldn't believe me. 
 There is always something I forget, always something left to do, no matter how much I think I have it all sorted.  Then, after reading about Owlet's laments about the lack of stock in Spotlight (pretty much the only fabric/haby store in Hobart), I am now in dire straits myself.  
I sent hubbie in to Spotlight - (he's lovely like that, running errands for me in his lunch hour!) to buy some drawstring for my latest batch of dilly bags, and he came home with 3 measly metres.  That is all they had left.  My only requirement was that it had to be pure cotton and white or cream. 
 Nichts. What about blue? Zilch. Any other colour? Nup.
 Yikes.  Lesson to self here...remember the good girl scouts motto: 'be prepared'.  Maybe the other lesson here is get a better supplier.  Luckily, I sat next to Britt from Skewiffy Textile Studio last night, as we enjoyed an entertaining talk about window display by Roz Wren, and she gave me the name of a supplier of haby products in Sydney.  It does take time to create an inventory of good suppliers, this I am learning! 

But, these are small things. I am praying for a good friend who is in hospital at the moment, very, very sick.  

Enjoy your weekend, each precious moment with your loved ones,
speak gentle words, love one another. 

wee footnote:
dilly dilemma solved; venetian blind cord to the rescue, located at a hardware store!


  1. being 80km round trip from the nearest spotlight does make me very prepared!

  2. Oh your poor friend, hope she's recovers soon. It does make you think differently when things happen like this. Not nice.

    As for your drawstring, simply dreadful! What is one to do at times like this?

  3. Glad to hear about the venetian blind cord - hurray for improvisation! Is it cheaper, too?

    Will pray for your friend.

  4. Handmade Hobart sounds brilliant, good luck I hope you do really well. Spotlight sounds a little hit and miss I read a similar story from someone else!

    I do hope your friend is doing better, fingers crossed,

    Sarah x


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