the art of window display

Tonight in Hobart I am attending a talk:  'window display - creating an impresssion!'  It's run by Business and Employment, the last one I went to was 'marketing', and I'm keen to go again, as these talks are short, sharp, and give you plenty of food for thought to explore deeper.  Whilst, I did window dressing as part of fashion and design yonks ago, I need help!

But, you may indeed be wondering, why is she going to a shop window display talk?
 There is no shop to window display for - Is there??!
Well, alas, no there is sadly not.

You musn't think of a trestle table at a market, as merely a surface to plonk one's wares,
 but indeed a shop-front, a window, to display enticingly and artfully the beautiful items one is 'peddling'.

I've never been really happy in the past with my display, my items are bulky, there never seems to be enough room (1.2 metres x 70cm).  It's difficult to add height without adding bulk, bunting is a nightmare to display without a wall behind you.... the list goes on... SO I am ever so keen to get any tips to help me improve this scenario, I'm assuming the principles of display in a shop window can be utilized on my tiny space.   I'll post any good bits I glean next week, and maybe if I am very brave, I shall post some pictures, after the inaugral Handmade Hobart on this weekend.
   Another stallholder who always makes an impression, is Rosie from Notions, who consistently displays excellent 'shop-window' technique, with flair and originality on her stall.  

Bel Fiore shop window - Ottawa

Bookstore in Edinburgh


garten eden - Zurich


  1. That sounds very interesting. I hope you give us some top tips afterwards!

  2. Hello Luisa, I have discovered your lovely blog via Dottie Angel - can I possibly stop buying magazines and books and begin the challenge? Your photos for windows (or stall tables) are lovely - I hope your next market goes really well.

  3. It'a a really good idea to apply the principles of window dressing to a market stall - I really look forward to finding out what you do, and hopefully picking up some ideas from you. My mum was a window dresser in her late teens and I learned enough from her to help with school and church displays, so I realise that the principles of window dressing can be applied in numerous contexts. Have fun!

  4. Hello everyone, it was interesting, and I wish I had a shop to dress up now so much!
    Will most certainly do a post next week for those interested.


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