Woodbridge Community Summer Market

Markets are funny things.... are never quite sure, despite all your efforts and the perfect weather yesterday, whether people are going to patronise the whole affair, and if they get there, whether they like your stuff enough to part with their hard-earned cash.   Sometimes at markets, you are kept frantically busy, and sometimes, you just go for the great camaraderie amongst other stallholders. 
  My table was lucky for me, right next to Heather Satchwill, and Kay Stammers' massage & bowen therapy room....wonderful aromatherapy smells wafting out their door, and I had a go on an amazing and I must say, 'pro-level' foot massager, which apparently gives great reflexology benefits... I certainly felt like I was floating after 10 minutes on it.

This market is a mecca for local handmade, with many craftpersons here having attended the market for's a lovely mix of artisans, you can buy everything from silk scarves, homemade jams, stained glass, opals, plants, handmade soaps and tea, wrought iron, stunning handmade paper and photographic cards, clothing from Nepal, jewellery, cakes, produce...etc, etc...This market is seriously good value, with prices a lot lower than you will find in city outlets.
The community of Woodbridge also runs a produce co-op here, that supply a never-ending variety of interesting goodies,...everything from blueberry tea, to tamarillos, to the freshest of fresh herbs, and organic eggs, it really just depends what is growing in their gardens, as to what ends up on the produce table!

The market is run by energetic Caryl, who also manages to serve up delicious lunches, and afternoon teas, with the help of her daughter, can sit and have a cuppa, at the back of the market and watch the passing parade in semi-seclusion... Everything is home-made, and very should try the scones!

Outside the community hall

Sue Domeney's handpainted silk scarves

Christine, (left), as part of Worleybird Creations, and also runs the co-op produce stall 

Kay Stammers' 'healing hands'

My little offering of oat, fruit and chocolate biccies - sold 'em all!

my stall

Carol's 'hand-twirled' terracotta's pots

...more of Carol's talents..this time in stained glass

paper-mache houses made by Virginia Hargreaves...which can be used as tea caddies..aren't they just cute?

The Woodbridge Community market runs all summer long, twice per month, until approximately Easter...if you have any enquires about becoming a stall-holder call Caryl on (03) 62674707.

Woodbridge, past Kettering,  is a cruisy 25-30 minute drive from Hobart, and you WILL feel yourself relaxing as you take in the greenery on the way.... consider coming down to picturesque Woodbridge, the hall is a stone's throw from the water's edge, and 'Peppermint Bay', which is just a stunning location all of it's own...check out their photo gallery here ....
so make a day of it, and call in...we would love to see you, next market is 22nd November!


  1. How cute is that community hall! And are those little houses with all their detail, seriously made from soggy newspaper and flour? Impressive! Sure is a long way from plastering the stuff over a balloon!!

  2. What an amazing market! Sounds like something for everyone. Glad you had a good day. Your stall looks fabulous, a real splash of colour.

  3. oooh! soo excited! cant wait till the 22nd! making some cute new monkeys as well as new releases for the day!

  4. nowhere near me unfortunately but how perfectly wonderful!! makes my heart positively sing!!


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