introducing Constance the caravan...

I would love to show you my new little passsion; - I saw her first on Chunky Chooky's blog...
and I think I love her too...

Constance - you flirty, feminine, pretty thing you! 
 I love your quirky ways.

You are a 1957 Sprite 14 caravan that the owners will not allow the cooker to be used in...ohh, but you are so much more than this!

We had a brief soujourn in a friend's caravan a couple of years ago, on our way to and from Victoria where we lived for the shortest time. I relished the quaint, possession free, and pared back life it gave us for a while - quite the oppostite to my life now, you should see my house, chock full of fabric, kids toys, desperately trying to de-clutter, and messing up every room in the house in the meantime.  Did I mention fabric?

  I love caravans. 
 Couldn't you just see one as a studio, or retreat?...but only if she was as pretty as Constance.
oh, I feel fickle, a penchant for pretty, impractical things has taken over me...

isn't she just gorgeous?


you can even hire her for gigs....
Constance is one of the many retro darlings from Snail Trail in the UK....go see.


  1. I love caravans too,this make me want to save up my dollar a get one to fix up to something beautiful like this .

  2. Oh, just incredible! If you love caravans, have you seen the tiny little vintage on at Happy Loves Rosie?

  3. Well........that's just about the cutest thing I've seen in a long time (other than kittens and puppies)!


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